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Lyman#2 and Marbles hole spacing

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Are the Lyman and Marbles Tang Sights hole spacing close enough that I can replace a Lyman#2 with the Marbles equivilent for the Win 94?
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Count me as a Lyman #2 user/lover also - since it's stem is more robust than the Marble's, and less subject to the wriggling problem's that the Marble's have been experiencing these last few years.

FWIW - Although the Marbles's has "click" windage adjustments and the Lyman must have it's base shimmed to adjust the windage, BOTH the Lyman & Marble's are click adjustable for elevation - the only adjustment usually needed in the hunting field and for most target shooting at varied ranges like "silly-wet".

Dance with who brung ya, and try that Lyman out before you sell it short.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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