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Lyman#2 and Marbles hole spacing

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Are the Lyman and Marbles Tang Sights hole spacing close enough that I can replace a Lyman#2 with the Marbles equivilent for the Win 94?
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The Marbles tang sight for the standard Model 94 has a hole spacing of between 2.0” to 2.265”, this is the #009808 sight.
The tang safety Model 94 uses the #009849 sight which has a hole spacing of 2.185”.

I could measure a Lyman sight but it sounds like you have one. What’s the matter with the Lyman sight?
We shoot a Buffalo Bill with a Lyman receiver sight and a Grade 1 Model 94 Centennial with a Lyman No 2. Love those 26” barrels.

What on your sight is loose? I really enjoy the Lyman No 2 as a hunting sight. I generally settle on one hunting load and stay with it through the hunting season.
The advantage of the Lyman No 2 is its slim [profile. The sight has little interference with my thumb and is quick when snap shooting.
It is easy to adjust for windage with paper shims. I try to use coated paper from advertisements. The plastic coating does not gather moisture. I have had no problems with the Lyman sights over quite a few years of use.

What front sight do you prefer?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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