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I just got an old Lyman # 45 Lube and Sizer Press.
Does any one have the break down parts list on this.
Does anyone have one ?
Is there suppose to be a nut when you take the cap off
of the lube cylinder some where inside.
I do not understand how turning the top hex rod can put
pressure on the lube unless the threads on the rod work like
a screw augar?
I need some in put here please.
I heated the lube tube and got all the old thick **** out.
Does the rod come out?
Does the lube tube come off ?

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Hi You all thanks for the come backs.
The pressure screw bottom out.
I took the whole thing apart. Stripped it. ORANGE OFF
Painted it red.
Put a o-ring grove on the pressure screw in my Lathe just at
the bottom when looking in side. To keep lube from seeping out.
I have a new pressure nut coming from Lyman
With two o-rings.
If I could up load pictures here I would.
Can that be done and if yes how.
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