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You can go to the Lyman website; here's the link:

This shows the data for the newer Model 4500, but the guts are basically the same design as for the old Model 450. I have a 450 and have ordered some broken/spare parts as are currently available and they work on mine. I do not know if the parts for the 45 are interchangeable; you'd have to call Lyman on that one.

At the bottom of the page on the link that I've given above, there are three buttons. They are, Parts, FAQ, and Instructions. Check the diagram to see if you in fact need any parts; the basic designs will be similar. The instructions show/tell how the rig works.

On the older models, it's possible to tear the jack screw out of the bottom plate (usually with hard lubes); the newer design in the 4500 makes this less likely. If you are going to use harder lubes, for sure get the base heater for the older models, costs about $40. Unless you live in Yuma, AZ, where you won't need it in summer.
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