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Well I was sitting down at the local gun shop and bull****ting with the owner and we got into long range precision rifles... He started going on and on about this rifle he had built to sell in the shop and how it just got in and he didn't even know what to chrage for it. So I asked to take a peek, just a peek mind you. What I found was this:

Remington 700 LH action, blueprinted chambered for .308 Winchester
1 in 10" twist, Obberimer 24" match grade barrel with a 11 degree crown
McMillian M40A1 stock, pillar bedded
3lbs tuned trigger
Badger 2 piece 20 MOA base with Badger rings
Leupol Mark 4 tactical M3 with BDC turrets
Fitted Storm case
Turner Saddley NM sling

What I was able to do with a 5 shot group, called the flyer too. Needless yo say I was very, very happy to stumble across this rifle, it's a gem.
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