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I was there today, and I saw quite a number of large machine tools.
One guy was buying a Rockwell band saw for &#361200. He said it didn't have
the built in welder like the new ones, but was a &#3612k value. There was
another one there just like it.
There were Cincinnati and other brand milling machines with 8 foot beds
for &#363,000 to &#3610,000 all with digital readout and oil injection. For
&#3610k it was horizontal / vertical.
There was a Gorton tracer with an 8 foot bed for &#363k.
There were 6'? Peerless double table band saws for &#362,500.
There was some giant old weird band saw ~&#363,000.
I was in love with an old disc grinder for &#36400.
There were other disc grinders, but they were too new looking.

We got a 20 pound 6 inch high riser that was ground for dialing in a a
Cincinnati mill head. We got it for 25 cents/ pound.

We got some new drills with #2 Morse tapers that were new with the
protector on the tip for &#363/ pound. The 31/32" is just right to start
for a 1" reamed hole.

All the lathe bits with carbide welded in tips were chipped, so I got
cobalt and HSS.

I saw a guy get a huge bench vice for &#3640, but it was the only one, and
he found it in an incoming tub. There was another one with a bench for
&#3675, but it was not as good.

I got carried away and bought these aluminum pieces 6x1.2x.35". I got
&#3647 worth at &#361.60 per pound. They looked perfect as parallel bars, but
at home, I found .005" of run out. I am now looking for uses. I know
what I am giving for Christmas.

I think Boeing is shutting down shop capacity. I have never before seen
any big  machines at Boeing Surplus.
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