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I don't have any experience with this particular gun in 444 Marlin but I do have some experience with the 444 Marlin in a Contender.

I had this chambering in a 12" Hunter barrel with the muzzle brake. That made it effectively a 10 3/4" barrel allowing for the brake length.

This in IMHO, was extremely innefficient to use in a barrel of this length. You could see the unburned powder and flash flying out the end of the barrel. I had black specks on my face when I got home from the  range! I never really got to the point of serious load development with it because of this.

This was with the relatively faster powders such as IMR 4198 and such. Stop and think about it, you are trying to burn over 45 grains of powder in a barrel of that length. It's not going to happen terribly well.

I would say that the 14 " Contender barrel would be the minimum length for this cartridge.

I myself have gone with the 445 Super Mag and have found it to be very well matched to a shorter barrel as to a handgun length. You get an honest 200 FPS or more out of it over the 44 with the same bullet weights. It's case capacity is also better matched to handgun length barrels in terms of efficiency.

This cartridge's performance out of the Dan Wesson Revolver is legendary.

I have no doubt that the Marlin would be quite a novelty in a wheel gun. I'd like to shoot one myself too! :biggrin: But after the novelty wears off and all the money is spent, you will probably end up wishing you got something that you were just able to shoot with comfortably and that was a little more versatile.



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