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I have been toying with this idea of making my own 9x18 brass from 9mm.
See this site

Has anyone done this?
From playing around with this, ( makeing up dummy loads ) I see that there is a bulge at the front of the case. Was wondering if after shooting this would it be fireformed? So that the next re-load would look more even?
Would there be any big difference in the accracy between the first or second re-load?
How hot should I load it? ( using my own cast 95 gr. lead bullets )

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I have converted several hundreds of brass in years past, from 9mm Luger to 9x18. I trimmed them down with a Lyman manual trimmer and yes, its takes a LOT of elbow grease.

Over the last 2-3 years I've seldom shot the Maks but up until then, converted brass is ALL that I've ever used. I maybe have bought 1 or 2 boxes of factory ammo, ever.

As for reality when picking up range brass, people really need to be careful. Myself when I pickup brass I measure and inspect them all. As in this case, just because the head stamp says one thing... someone else could have changed things you just never know.

Another down side is chasing your brass. You don't want to lose it especially after you modified it. Once I started playing with converting this brass I soon developed my own version of a Brass Catcher which is self explanatory.

As for now, and as mentioned that I seldom shoot the little Maks however I still have hundreds loaded up and ready to go.

I'm a self 'doer' and I enjoy tinkering and making anything that I can especially, anything related to this hobby. That said, I enjoy every aspect so converting 9mm to Mak brass is and has been a joy in the past.

Lastly, in all the Mak brass that I've converted and fired, I can only remember one FTF experience and I do beleive that was do to a faulty substandard crimp.

Oh, and BTW, while I have shot quite a bit of jacketed, the majority bullets fired/loaded have been my own cast SWC from a Lee 6 Cav mold which was purchased from the now history, Mak dot com shop.

Remember the Mak utilizes a Blowback system, so keep the recipes right around 1k fps. Do your homework...............

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A power case trimmer helps, or use Lee's trimmer chucked into a drill press (my method). Size them, trim them, deburr, and you are ready to go. I've got a lot more 9x19 brass than 9x18, or I wouldn't go to the trouble.
The process is simple.
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