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My 1894s is about 8 years old and it works fine with the RCBS 250K. I have not made any mods to the lifter/carrier. It feeds fine but there is very little clearance between the nose of the bullet and the bottom of the barrel as the carrier lifts it.

Since it ain't broke, I won't fix it.

take care

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As Leadslinger has mentioned, his will function fine, but it is a very close fit.  It seems that the new guns are varying somewhat in the functional COL as they leave the factory.  Some folks are having to perform the cartridge lifter modification to use the LFN profile bullets while others are not, with otherwise identical rifles.  

I would suspect if it is a very current production gun that you might get away without having to do the modification, however, with the variance we are seeing from the factory, there is no guarantee either.  Wish I could be more specific than that for you.

Even if you do need to do the modification, it isn't that big a project.  Low budget too!

God Bless,

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