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marlin 1895 as a home defense gun

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was just thinking today that my .45-70 that i did custom work too which can hold 7+1 would make a good home defense gun with remington 405 or 300 grainers.. the recoil is not too bad and the lever action is fast. I have a red dot on there so it's pretty fast. and knowckown power is obvious
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I agree that you will better served with a shotgun. 20 gauge or 12.

That being said, and on to your choice, the 45-70.....It'd be like using 12 or 20 gauge slugs indoors.
HD is not about shooting at them coming up the road, or as they are getting away; it's about last ditch defense of loved ones and yourself... Property and possesions, while they seem important, can be replaced. That's what insurance is for.

A human life cannot.
I'd want something that can shoot flat out to 75- 100 yards in case i got into a gun fight which a slug can not do I am very comfortable with the factory loads, I shoot buffalo bore all the time and that doesn't even bother me.
I'd check your local laws about that before you started any gunbattle @ 100 yards. Whacking someone 100 yards off might land you in the hooscow. Shooting someone for vandalizing your property will surely get you locked up.
Here in the North east, HD or SD are protection of you and yours, [in a nutshell explanation], so any shooting that unfortunately goes on is usually CQB

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