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I am assuming that lead bullets will shoot better in this rifle
given that the rifling is designed for the lead bullet.
I am looking for loads of moderat velocity so I won't have to add a gas check.
Many of the loads that I have seen are in the excess of 1400 feet per second.
Any comments or suggestions?

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.45-70 load data

Howdy Swifty-

Re: your question on load data...

FWIW - I would suggest that you may want to try IMR-3031. Results from my recent testing...

Bullet: Saeco #18, *405gr. RN-PB, WW + 2% Sn - air cooled (BHN 12-13), sized .459", Saeco green lube.

Primer: Winchester - WLR

Powder and velocities:
IMR-3031 / 32.0 grs / 1166fps / SD 29
IMR-3031 / 34.0 grs / 1271fps / SD ? (chrono only captured 1 shot due to lighting.

Velocities were from my Shiloh Sharps w/ 32" bbl. Grouping was good at both charge levels.

Something of interest - velocity variation seems to account for much more vertical in the group than you might think. I was doing initial load testing when gathering the above data and was shooting at 50 yds. so as to stay on the paper for various load changes. While shooting I noted th velocity for each shot. One powder/charge I tried gave wide velocity variation - >200 fps and the variation in velocity directly corresponded to where the bullet would print vertically on the target. The faster it shot - the lower it printed. I would not have guessed that a 2.5" variation would be expected at such a short distance for a 200fps variation but that's what it was! I could look at the chronograph and depending on the reading - I could call 100% where the shot would land vertically before looking thru the spotting scope. The upshot of this is that I'd recommend to seek a load with low velocity variation. The load listed above is not ideal in this regard but it's not bad. The serious long range shooters are achieving SD'd of 10fps and less with highly tuned loads & loading techniques. While I won't go the extremes some of these guys do in their loading - I am certainly paying attention to looking for consistant velocity based on my observations of how much it affects grouping.

Best regards-

Sky C.
Longmont, CO
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