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Marlin 36 in 32 Win Spl

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Hi everyone!
I have recently become the proud parent of a Marlin model 36 in 32 win. spl. and am rather curious. Has anyone used cast bullets in one of these and how do they perform? Can you drive them 2000 fps + or -? Has anyone seen jacketed bullet loads for the 170 gr. that are 2000 fps +? (Most of the jacketed loads in my books are below 2000 fps.) Also the supply of 32 spl brass in my area seems to have dried up. Can I form them from 30/30 cases without getting into problems? I'd appreciate any comments you folks have.
Dave S
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Powder selection for the .32 Spcl is identical to best powders for the .30-30. And yes, excellent 2000 fps accuracy can be expected from properly sized, gas-checked bullets. For your Marlin, using cast bullets will necessitate using .323" bullets for best accuracy and freedom from leading.

Best powders will probably prove to be H335, RL-7 and 3031. Too, try using a Lee Factory Crimp die.... it will dramatically improve group sizes in most instances with this cartridge.

The reputation of .32 Spcl. rifles losing accuracy when compared to .30-30's as they wear, is that the .32 Spcl was designed as a cartridge that could be reloaded using Black Powder.... way back when in was introduced, and as such the .32 Spcl has a 1-16" twist which was thought to better handle black powder fouling should the round be reloaded using black. In any case, when the rifling begins to wear, especially on the Marlin rifles which had somewhat oversize bores to begin with, usually accuracy does suffer when shooting traditional .321" jacketed bullets.

Hopefully this info will help you.

God Bless,

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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