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Any of the peep sights work well on the Marlin. You might want to check out the tang sights the cowboy shooters use. This is the original style which puts your eye closer to the sight and some people prefer.
I have a Marlin Cowboy model in 44Mag with a 24 power scope on it for load development. Using a 200 grain rnfp bullet over 9 grains of Unique, you can watch the bullets go into a cloverleaf at 50 yard. velocity is about 1250 like the original load for the 44-40.
I also fired the 300 grain Federal load at 100yards and got inch and a half groups.
When I finish my load development, The rifle will get a Marble tang sight and an AO front bar sight. The Williams sight is also excellent and I have several rifles so equipted. The Cowboy will be used for cowboy shooting and only the tang is legal for competition.
The peep sight is different from a standard open sight and you have to learn how to use it. I had trouble using a peep until I went into the Army and got some training. It's the only way to go for iron sights.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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