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Have you considered a tang sight on your Marlin?
Marble's makes a wide variety of tang sights for rifles of all makes.
Marble's sights are better than Marlin's because they not only adjust for elevation, but for windage as well. At $125 a Marble's tang sight is not cheap but it's made of machined steel and well-made.
Marble's, like most tang sights, fold down when not in use but do not lose their setting when folded.
Tang sights have numerous advantages. Because they are farther from the front sight, you get a longer sight radius for more accuracy.
Also, some rifles may accommodate a barrel-mounted sight and a tang sight.
In lever actions, this usually means sighting in the barrel-mounted sight for 50 yards, and the tang sight for 100 yards.
For hunting this is a great system. It allows you to adjust your sights to your hunting conditions (brush vs. open spaces).
Tang sights on levers also look at-home; better than a receiver-mounted sight in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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