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I've had to put off getting a reciever sight for my 1894 but I have put in a lot of time in research. I have yet to see a bad thing said about any of the aftermarket sights. Everyone has a preference but all seem satisfied with what they have. The front sight is definitely a preference with some liking bead and some straight post.

I have gained confidence with the buckhorn and quick acquisition is improving. The 1894 just points well is all I can tell you. For quick shots and repeats I am doing much better with practice. Off the bench at 80 yds the thing shoots better than 3 inch groups consistantly.

It sounds like you need a new sight, and money is an issue , as it is with me, why not try the cheapest for now, in a receiver sight? It may last you a lifetime. I hope mine breaks soon but that's asking a lot.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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