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Marlin to do a re-org; cheap guns

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So I don't know about everyone else's neck O' the woods. But around here the Marlin XL7 / XS7 is pretty cheap. And since it is just a Savage blind mag, it should be. But due to the news of Marlin having problems, the retailers are beginning to dump them cheaper.
Be on the look out for a nice cheap gun!!
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I thought I read somewhere that Remington was looking into buying Marlin out, rumor was that they were going to keep the marlin name, but cheap price was going to be history.
Marlin Firearms Co. Closing Next Year

NORTH HAVEN, CT (AP) -- Workers at the Marlin Firearms Co. in Connecticut say they've been told the 140-year-old company will close next year and all 265 employees will lose their jobs.

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Workers at the North Haven company say they learned about the closure plans Thursday. They told local news media layoffs will begin in May and the company will close by June 2011.

Officials at Marlin and the company's owner, Madison, N.C.-based Remington Arms Co. Inc., didn't immediately return phone messages Friday morning. Remington Arms bought Marlin for nearly $42 million in 2007.

Marlin's Web site says John Marlin opened the company in 1870 in New Haven after having worked at the Colt plant in Hartford during the Civil War. The company says its lever action 22 repeater was a favorite gun of Annie Oakley

Ok I stand corrected Remington already owns them now.
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