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Marlin to do a re-org; cheap guns

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So I don't know about everyone else's neck O' the woods. But around here the Marlin XL7 / XS7 is pretty cheap. And since it is just a Savage blind mag, it should be. But due to the news of Marlin having problems, the retailers are beginning to dump them cheaper.
Be on the look out for a nice cheap gun!!
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Living in the Northeast, I can tell you exactly what happened to Marlin in Conn. They got tied of paying crazy tax bills, workmans comp fees, electric bills, heating bills, labor and benefit costs, and getting harrassed by politicians. They're moving their operation to a state that will cost them less to do business, and not make them out to be the "evil" big business operation. Marlin's move can be nothing but good news for customers who wish to buy an accurate inexpensive firearm.

My only question is when does Remington close their Illion plant and move south too.
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