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If you could find a clean, well cared for Marlin for a good price that would be my recommedation.

There are other Marlin vs. Winchester threads you can read so I won't repeat the reasons. I will simply say that between the Marlin 1894 and Winchester 94 actions I'll take a Marlin anyday. (And I own both)

The Win 92 action is a sweetheart and it is much stronger than either of the 94s but it won't feed anything longer than 1.6" in my experience. Your bullet choices will therefore be limited. WFNs work great.

A final tip is to watch your extraction. When it gets tougher to extract a fired case you should back off. Remember, you have a long barrel giving you lots of extra velocity so you don't need to run really hot loads to get great performance.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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