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Ive been looking at some new Marlins .45-70 guide guns and .45-70 cowboy and i have to say im not impressed with the wood work.

My "1988" .444ss has very pleasant wood and it came up a treat when i tru-oiled it. I have seen a couple of .45-70's of a similar age and the wood work is far better than the newer Marlins ive seen.............

How's yours ?? Are Marlin using cheaper wood now ?? or are these guns ive seen in the minority ??


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I haven't bought one in awhile, but have looked at many. Do notice that the stocks somehow seem "chunky" (for lack of a better term...they have the same lines, but seem thicker/fuller) and that the wood is not as nice as it once was. Part of that may be a difference in the finishing/staining...the spray on finish won't show off wood as much as cover it up. Stock color is lighter (not that there wern't some light expamples in the past...just that most were not).

At least the grain on the ones I've seen runs the right way, there is enough wood there to shape to what you'd prefer, and the finsih isn't hard to strip.
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