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You were asking if a .44 was enough for whitetails. I'm sure others have shot many more deer than me but let me tell you about one experience. I was hunting with my brother in the Vermont woods. He jumped a nice buck and shot at it with his 30.06, it went down and jumped back up and disappeared behind brush. When it came out the other side I shot it with my .44 super blackhawk in the front shoulder area. He went down and didn't get up. I paced it at just over 70 paces. There was an exit wound the size of my fist. My brother's 06 had hit low on the neck in front of the shoulders and just drilled through with no real damage. That convinced me of the power of the .44! I was shooting a 240gr jacketed flat point bullet over 22 gr of 2400. I'm sure Marshalls hard cast would have been just as effective. I carried a ruger .44 carbine for a while and enjoyed it. Any light carbine in .44 would be a terriffic deer gun.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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