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Hey Marshall,

A couple of years ago you mentioned that you would be doing a piece eventually on the 375 Winchester. Any chance you'll be doing that in the near future? I'll bet there are more than a few people around here who would enjoy that read.


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A friend and I are writting an article on quite a few of Winchesters lever action rounds.It will include the 284Win,348Win,358Win,35Win,375Win,405Win.It will also have 3 smaller articles on the 7MM STE,7x30 Waters and 270 Ackley Improved Savage.

It will focus on their history,ballistics,handloading of them and the rifles they come in.There will also be a comparsion page,where ALL lever action rounds will be listed together.They will compared in case capacity,performance,bullet selection from factory and for handloading,and their killing abilities on different animals.

Should be interesting,when finished.We are about half done.

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Actually I have about five pages, single line enteries into a notebook, all of them titles of tech notes just to jog my memory.... (you have lots of time to think when making bullets). It's frustrating, I haven't had the time to write for quite some time, hopefully through the winter many of those articles will become reality. And yes, eventually one on the .375 win is on the list, but honestly, it's down the list a ways, as I've got about eight Tech Notes in various stages of completion at this point, but need the time to finish them all.

Hopefully you fine folks will be around when I finally have the time to do the writing that I so enjoy!

Thanks for the inquiry!

God Bless,

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