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IL here...

greg5278 said:
I am originally from MD, and the antigun forces theere have made a terrible mess. It is a disgrace to the Constitution. I live in NJ, whicj is very bad also, but not as bad as MD. We joke about having to cross the delawre river to get to America. You have to show a driver's licece, and sign for powder, primers, and hollow point ammunition. Pistol permits to purchase a handgun cost $50 and expire in 90 days, plus they take 1-3 months to obtain. I would finance a lawsuit against these states if I ever won the lottery. Our forefathers would be tarring, and feathing these traitors. Greg
IL really ILL here....I'm in a rather bad place myself being in Illinois and Cook county to boot...Gettin to where we are really wonderin about Gov Blago here...Way too gun ban happy.....
Speaking of trigger locks as someone here put it so eloquently....
All gun safety tells us to never put your finger on or near the trigger unless you plan to shoot...however gun trigger locks blow that thought all to heck.....Though if I think I have the meaning of the above message it is integrated locks MD is talking about??? Gonna be powerful few gun manufacturers doing any of that. All us law abiding citizens having a tough go of it while the bad guys are shootin it all up around us..... :mad:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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