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I'm at a loss to understand what the question is. If you are looking for an estimate of velocity/presssure that is easy, just look in the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook!

Since you do not indicate what your bullet is, I'll as-sume that it aproximates the lyman #375449 which runs from 260-275 grains depending on alloy.

Taken direct from the book shot in 20" '94 Big Bore.

LOA: 2.560"

Start, 26.2/3031/1484 fps
Max., 32.0/3031/1770 fps

Since you are seating somewhat deeper, I would use your 30 gr. as Max. Velocity will probably be 1675-1750 fps. Since the book lists no pressure figures, and knowing that Lyman is fastidious about showing this data if it is going to be anywhere near maximum which is 50,000# for the .375, I feel safe in as-suming (don't like those ***) the pressures observed were well below that figure.

I attempted to run this in Load fron a Disk which is based on Powley's mathmatics, but as Jack said, it is out of limits for the program.

My last observation is based on experience and common sense and I know you have read this many times. GET A LOADING MANUAL!!!!!!!! If you had the proper manual(s) for the type of loading you are doing this would have been available to you and you wouldn't be guessing. You have apparently violated the first principal of handloading. In this case I care not one bit if this annoys you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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