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71/84 Mauser loading

I use 45-90 brass and turn down rim to spec, I swage inside of case with a .462 sizer rod down inside to 3/8" from rim or till base diameter swells to .513-.515" to chamber diameter. I then size i std. .43/11mm mauser die sizer.
I cast bullets 30/20-1 with a lyman 44-370 mold "as cast" and lube with SPG or any other organic lube. Or Lee liquid alox if using smokeless.

My BP load is 77 grains of 2F or swiss 1.5, .030" poly wad/milk carton wad and seat to touch rifling as I shoot single load only. Open up flash hole to .094" if shooting BP only

My SP load is 23 grains of SR4759 with the same bullet with either load.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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