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mauser 8mm????

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My grandpa had an old rifle he passed down to me and would appreciate more info if at all possible. All the markings i can see on the gun is mod.98 on the left side of gun and am told it shoots 8 suret not quite sure, it also has an old scope which says. weaver and looks alot like the 80 anniversary k4 series but of course is much older than 2010
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As pointed out, the Europeans load the 8mm Mauser cartridge much hotter than American companies, making it close to the 30-06 in performance.

According to what I read years ago, Paul Mauser discovered that straight tapered barrels in a full stock military rifle had problems with heat expansion during sustained fire that caused the barrel to bind against the stock. The stepped barrels were his answer and if you look at a military stock with a stepped barrel, you'll see that there is a gap between the step and the stock channel. The gap won't be large but enough to allow the barrel to expand without being bound by the wood. i.e., the barrel remains free to move.
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