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mauser 8mm????

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My grandpa had an old rifle he passed down to me and would appreciate more info if at all possible. All the markings i can see on the gun is mod.98 on the left side of gun and am told it shoots 8 suret not quite sure, it also has an old scope which says. weaver and looks alot like the 80 anniversary k4 series but of course is much older than 2010
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I believe if I had a gun with a stock like that I would give up huntin'...just stay home all weekend and stare at it! :)

Not to get too far off the thread topic... I have always wanted an 8x57 Mauser, but only so I could have it reamed out to the 8mm-06. Something about that round has always appealed to me...seems like a great way to convert an old war-horse into a bona fide 250-yard elk gun. That was my dream back when the guns were dirt cheap and there was a gunsmith in every town who had done the job a time or two. It would still probably be less money than some of the other gun projects I've paid for, but then again I don't really have a need for it...yet! :D
A Model 98 Mauser in good working order, firing full-power 8x57 loads with a 200gr bullet, is capable of a maximum point-blank range in excess of 250 yards, assuming an 8" target zone. It is only marginally less powerful than a 30-'06 and is suitable for the same game at roughly the same distances.

If you're willing to get into reloading a wildcat, you can even have yours opened up to the fairly popular 8mm-'06 cartridge. This would make it an 8x63, but really only provides an increase of ~5% over what the original chambering can do.
The survey I took after last year's hunting season had over 80 responses and clearly showed that the average shot on big game is very close to 100 yards. The mean average was closer to 80 yards. Pretty sure even the anemic US loadings of the 8x57 will get 'er done at that distance! :)
Any ideas of what cost would be for restocking?
That could be anything from ~$150 for an after-market drop-in, to as deep as your pockets go, for a custom wood stock. That's kind of like asking how much a diamond costs...there are many variables that will determine the final cost.
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