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mauser 8mm????

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My grandpa had an old rifle he passed down to me and would appreciate more info if at all possible. All the markings i can see on the gun is mod.98 on the left side of gun and am told it shoots 8 suret not quite sure, it also has an old scope which says. weaver and looks alot like the 80 anniversary k4 series but of course is much older than 2010
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Thanks for the info...u happen to know anything about weaver scopes
Thanks for all the info, and im told 8mm is plenty good since it does have original barrel, but i've never seen barrel with steps in it like this. Anyone know why its like that?
What range should i be looking at for top accuracy when shooting the model 98
I know this also depends on what type of shooter u are
CD - im still trying to figure out how to load pics from my phone and the only thing i can get out of this is how to send to email or text message so if you want i can do that unless anyone knows these new phones now a days
not as nice as moosepuckys :( but im sure it can shoot just as well :D I also will try and get some better pics up as that was the only one i had on my phone
Any ideas of what cost would be for restocking?
So if i cubic zirconia it people will know:) I get what ur saying and thanks
Im thinking about making my contributions to the hog problem here in tx since i now reside here, so would hunting with the 8mm be a good idea?
1 - 13 of 34 Posts
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