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mauser 8mm????

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My grandpa had an old rifle he passed down to me and would appreciate more info if at all possible. All the markings i can see on the gun is mod.98 on the left side of gun and am told it shoots 8 suret not quite sure, it also has an old scope which says. weaver and looks alot like the 80 anniversary k4 series but of course is much older than 2010
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Most of the German Mauser rifles are stamped 7.9mm. This is same as USA 8mm. Since they were made by the millions by a variety of nations, Mausers are neither rare nor difficult to find on the market. Value starts at $100. and goes up based upon level & quality of customization.

You should have the rifle checked over by a competent smith before firing it.

NORMA makes full power 8mm ammo. American made ammo is much weaker; about same as 32 Special ammo. This weaker ammo is still deadly. I knew a Shepard in the late '60s who grazed sheep in the alpine pastures of Bighorn Mts of north central Wyoming. He shot many elk and a few bears, too with his German 8mm. He thought nothing of it. But of course he didn't read MAGNUM-focused magazine articles.

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