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I know I am venting, as nothing will come out of it. I only mention this because the common "normal' american perception is quick to place a label, and I think I have scared the wits out of my neighbors.

Every five years, I have to undergo an investigation, to make sure that I am still morally safe to handle some of your nation's military secrets. The basis of this investigation is what is thought the "normal" u.s. person, and individuals that deviate from that mode, are more aggressively investigated.

In years past, investigators have had difficulty in my not ever expirimenting with recreational drugs. Seemingly, 98% of persons my age, that went to college - did so. Every time I come under investigation, this is a major sticking point, as I truthfully report to never using drugs, and investigators agressively pursue this issue with everybody that knows me, wanting someone to tell them that I have. The real odd aspect of this is if i would have lied, and said, "yes I have done this" the matter would have been dropped. Again, everything outside of that 98% norm, is not automatically believed.

Which brings me to my point. THis time, the investigator has asked my friends, and co-workers what my activities are, to which they have truthfully reported, "Oh he plays allot of softball, basketball when he can, and is a big time hunter and shooter."

From this, the questions go from "how many weapons does he he stockpiling weapons?' Those that don't know me as well are asked this also. I expect my neighbors think now that I am some kind of nutball

So, I'm asking, what is a stockpile? I have 8 sporting rifles, of which only three are still commerically available, and easily replaced. Do i own military weapons? shoot yes, I have a civilain equivliant to the weapon (s) I am issued at work, for practice off duty, and advanced civlian schools.

I know I am justified, but its frustrating. Only reason I mention it is that you can fall victum to the same kind of perception, and it may be reasonable for us not to advertise our own "Stockpiles" , to the "normal" people.

As for me, I think I hang with you guys, all the abnormal folks with stockpiles.


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I know how you feel. I recently took a government job myself and knowing the common (mis)perceptions of shooters and hunters, I neglected to mention those activities on my application. Looks like I was right too. During first-day orientation a great deal of PC gobbledegook was spewed about on weapons and "violence in the workplace." At my old job I felt free to read a copy of Field & Stream or The American Rifleman during lunch. Now I think those days are done out of concern that I may be (mis)labeled as some kind of nut case I'm not. Already I've overheard some conversions on politics that make my hair stand on end, but I've got to keep my mouth shut. Crummy situation, ain't it?
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