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Indeed those Micro-Groove barreled 1895's shoot like gangbusters with cast bullets provided a few things.

<ul><li> Bore is properly cleaned of any copper fouling.
<li> Bullet is of proper diameter for bore (in your case .460")
<li> Bullet is of sufficient hardness for velocity (BHN 16-21 for faster loads)
<li> Generally a gas-checked bullet will perform best.
<li> Powder selection is critical for higher velocity loads (.45-70 use H335, H322, RL-7, AA 2015 and IMR 4198)</ul>

Too, constrictions in the bore can raise hob with accurate shooting of cast bullets in these barrels.  Please read the section of barrel constrictions and lapping in
.444 Marlin- America's Most Versatile Big-Bore
in our Tech Notes section of the website.  Although the article is about the .444 Marlin, the principles that apply to the Micro-Groove .444 Model rifles and cast bullets are also imminently applicable to the 1895 model Marlin Micro-Groove .45-70's such as yours.

Hopefully this will clear up some questions you have on using cast in your Micro-Groove .45-70!

God Bless,

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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