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       Yes, cast bullets will shoot well from the microgroove barrel, with one caveat; they must fully fill the grooves, which tend to run a little over size on these barrels. People use up to .460 (or maybe larger) diameter cast bullets. Slugging your bore will tell you what size you need. The cast bullet should be about .001" over groove diameter. Read the tech notes, tips and comments, etc. on this site to get more info about success with cast bullets. It is very educational. I am no cast bullet expert, having only started using them seriously a few months ago, but so far I've had good success due to the info provided on this site and by the members here.
        Check out LoadSwap (also on this site) for loading data. I don't have a 45-70 so can't recommend any good loads. Good luck and let us know what happens!

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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