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Military Ammo/Civilian Rifles ?

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I own a Remington 760 carbine in .308 Win and a Remngton Model 7 in .223.
Can I safely shoot military surplus 7.62 NATO or 5.56mm in tese rifles?
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5.56mm NATO vs .223Rem: The debate rages on...

From what I know about the subject, military ammo is loaded to higher pressures in these two cartridges than is commercial ammo. Your extraction problem could be related to that. Also, the throat in a 5.56mm barrel is longer than in a .223Rem to facilitate breeching and extraction at high cyclic rates. I don't have a bolt .223, but I do have a T/C Encore chambered in that round. I find 5.56mm and .223Rem fire just fine in it and deliver eye-opening accuracy. Ever wonder why there are no 5.56mm NATO reloading dies? If they're out there, I've never seen any...
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