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Well, if you are only shooting 100 yards in these matches, then top velocity isn't an issue.  I would highly recommend trying the .310"-170g LMNGC bullet for both applications.  In the '06 load them to 2000-2200 fps using 4895, 3031, 4227 or perhaps even 2400.  Good starting loads for like weight bullets are found in the Lyman Cast Bullet handbook, and make an excellent reference point for beginning load development.  Also, make sure you use .310" pills in that Springfield, as they have large throats in them.

James Gats was working with this bullet in the '06 recently and getting some outstanding performance at 100 yards.... perhaps he'll be willing to shed some light on his most recent use of this bullet in the '06.

Hope this helps!

God Bless,

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