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I have had a hard time coming up with a consistent technique for accurate shooting from the bench with sandbags. I have asked for and received helpful advice about shooting technique from folks on this forum but somehow I still struggle to get consistently good groups. Just tonight I learned about the Millett Benchmaster Pistol Rest and I wonder if any of you use it? If so have you found it to be better than most other sandbag setups or other commercial rests? Thanks, Brian C.

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I use an Uncle Bud's Bulls Bag. The field model works very well with Contenders. It's two bags sewn together in an "X" pattern and it squeezes the gun between them for very little movement.

Revolvers are a little tough to bench rest but seem to do well on this rest also. I've buried my hands down into the middle of the bags when shooting a revolver and it gives real good support and helps a lot.

For strictly accuracy testing, a Ransom Rest setup would be ideal but they are quite expensive.

Sorry, I've no experience with the bag you mention.


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"a Ransom Rest setup would be ideal but they are quite expensive."

I used to do it for free but the Mrs. put her foot down because of all the powder burns on my clothing  :biggrin:


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Fastest path to getting good groups from a handgun (all kidding from "Mr. Ransom" aside) is to burn a few bricks of .22's through a .22 pistol.

Without having to deal with heavy recoil, etc., you'll be able to figure out what techniques work for you.  As far as I'm concerned, action type doesn't mean all that much as long as you have a good trigger and sights.

I frequently take my Ruger Mark II to the range with the big-bore revolvers and alternate.  This sort of calms down the nerves and let's one get focused on the sights again.

In the long run you'll save a heck of a bunch of money on components, even with the purchase price of the .22 and ammo.
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