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Does anybody here have a Millet rear sight on a Ruger BH?

I have an OM BH .45 Colt 7.5" barrel that I am almost finished getting modified to fit ME.
My mods have been conservative.
All I have left to do is square off the rear of the barrel, and recut the forcing cone, then clean up the sear enguagement for a smoother trigger job.

After that I want a better "steel" rear sight. I've looked at the Bowen sight, but it protrudes to far to the rear for my style of use. I tend to wrap my thumb up high on the hammer when cocking it.

I have been studying the Millett web sight and the Style 100 sights look like what I want.

Millett says that the sight for the Rugers has a .312 blade hight, and the notch is .065 deep by .125 wide.
The stock Ruger rear sight has notches .095 deep by .120 wide.
The Millet sight is therefore shallower but a bit wider.

How has this sight dimention worked on your guns?

To add complication to the factor, years ago I had the notch in my Ruger opened up to .100 deep by .130 wide. So I might not like the Millett sight.

What say you Ruger shooters?

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Depth of a rear sight notch has never been an issue to me.

However, I usually file the sight notch wider on my hunting guns. How wide..... ? Uh, I've never actually measured them, now that I think about it.

If I had to guess, I'd say around an eighth of an inch, so perhaps 0.125"

Hmmmm.... now you've made me go look! Will have to check...

Actually, I don't think that the actual width is all that important, I just make them wider so it's easier to see the front sight in low light (hunting) conditions.

Since it's YOUR eyes that will be looking through the sights, I'd say that ultimately none of us will be able to say what will work best for you. But I'm thinking that if you already like the wider notch, the Millet will probably work out.
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