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Misfires & Problemswith 45-70 marlin 1895

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This afternoon, I shoot about 20 rounds with 5744 30 grains
and had two misfires with federal large rifle primers. I rechambered thede rounds and they fired properly. I did notice some unburned powder in my rifle barrel.
I have using the RCBS priming unit that fits on my Rock Chucker with a primer tube feed.
Now i am beging to question the powder 5744 , partial fill,
priming technique,bullet crimping( used the Lee crimp).
Also, I got some erratic velocities on my Pact chronograph.
The volicities ranged from 1270 feet per second to 680 feet per second.
I have used the same chronograph before with consistant velocities. I shoot several rounds with my 375 H7H mag
whic seemed to be consistant.
I called Accurate powder company on Friday.They assured me that 5744 would perform properly with a partil filled cartridge.
The rounds printed well on a 50 yard target.Its just that I got some misfires, unburned powder, and eratic velocities.
Comments or answers will be appreciated.
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HI Swifty,
From your post it sounds like the problem could be almost anywhere. Your symptoms are vague enough that they could spell trouble or simply be part of the deal with that load. Here is my suggested path to resolution.

1.. Reload more of the same ammo making sure of clean primer pockets, fully seated primers and a heavy Factory crimp. Natually all safe and proper reloading procedures also. WHAT BULLET ARE YOU SHOOTING???

2.. Get some factory ammo similiar to the reload above

3.. Clean the chamber of your gun

4.. Test fire in conditions favorable to the chrono (sorry, you probably already know this). Mine likes sunny days with the chrono in the shade but looking up at a bright sky. Poor light and a couple of other factors (like cold) can really cause a chrono to give you false results.

5. Shoot the reloads and factory loads and compare the results. You might want to take your 375 just to make sure the chrono is telling you the truth.

6.. Let us know the results. Hopefully this will tell you where the problem lies though, by itself, it may not reveal the problem. At least it can be narrowed down and finally discovered.

Best................ Bill M:D
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