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Howdy fellows.  I started a thread awhile back about the strength of the Smith and Wesson Model 29.  Thank you all for your sage advice.  I now have two Smith .44s, a Model 29-5 and a 629-2 with the Mountain Gun-style barrel.  I have worked up a load of 20.0 gr. of H110 with a Lee 310 gr. FNGC cast myself (sorry Marshall!) from wheelweight metal +2% tin (the bullets actually average 311 gr.), dropped hot from the mould into cold water.  Primers were CCI 350s.  My chronographed velocity is 1090 fps from the Mountain Gun.  I haven't chronographed it yet from the Model 29.  My oal is 1.7".  I started out with 18.5 gr. H110 and got 1020 fps.  I moved to 19.5 gr. and got 1060 fps.  Accuracy ranged from 1.5" at 20 yds. with 18.5 gr., 1.6" with 19.5 gr., and 1.55" with 20 gr.  My question:   Should I just stick to my starting load to be easier on my Mountain Gun?  70 fps probably doesn't make much difference in killing power on game and the accuracy was pretty much equal for all loads.  Marshall spoke of literally shooting his Model 29s loose as a goose in a few thousand rounds.  Also:  could I run into a problem loading H110 this light?  I got the data from the Hodgdon manual.  Thanks very much for any advice you can give.
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