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I would like some information about Moly Coating Cast Bullets.
1- Is it worth doing?
2- What is the best Moly coating on the market?
3- What is the best method of application?
Any comments would be appreciated, thank you.

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Hi, Lee:
    I've got a stick of Lyman Super Moly here, but I haven't tried it yet.  It sure does stink though.  Apparently it's Lyman Black Powder Gold with Moly added.  I've seen good reports about it on the web.  It's probably soft enough to hand apply, but  I think i'll use the lubri-sizer.

    There's the spray on types like Ms. Moly.  Dick Wright wrote it up in Precision Shooting Magazine a few years ago, and you do not want to breath the fumes off it when you're spraying it.

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