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more 296 thoughts...

so ive tried some 296 in my hornet... im looking for a load to shoot my common 55 gr bullets.

im lookin for 2100 fps, and accuracy....

11grains of 296 is waaaayyy too much.... ive tried it.

i use 296 for other stuff..... so i want to keep using this powder if i can.... i like to keep my materials list to a minimum...
First your rifle should have a twist rate of 1-in-14" twist to stabolize your 55 grainers. At 2,100 FPS a slow 16" twist won't stabolize 55 grainers especially if they are bolt tail bullets. The best powders I've found for the .22 Hornet are: WW-680 (No longer available), WW-296, H-110, and IMR-4227. There are other powders out there that are also suitable. For a light load I use 7.0 grains of SR-4759 with a 50 grain spitzer, loaded up in a Remington case. My rifle has a 14" twist which will stabolize this load which is a good non-destructive smalll game load.
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