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Imajeep, (Actually, ImaSuburban, but to each his own...)

I like to keep my materials list to a minimum as well: I like to have the powder and bullet that is appropriate for the cartridge being used. :)

Most bullet companies have a "Hornet" bullet or two for the simple fact that many Hornet barrels are made with a 1:16 inch twist. This means they generally only shoot well with lighter/shorter bullets. If I were you, I would avoid all the headaches you're going through, trying to "simplify" your materials, and get what will actually give good results, in your gun. I would suggest the Nosler 40gr BT or the Sierra 45gr Hornet. Both will be capable of better accuracy and velocity, giving you the 100 yards of effective range you're looking for.

I hate to introduce even more variables, but I think you'd also get a little more out of the Hornet, with less effort, by going with Hodgdon's Li'l gun powder and charges between 10 and 11.5gr, with the two bullets mentioned above.
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