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Well i cured my blown patch issue! I used the Lead cloth remover last week in the Hawken's bore and its silk smooth now.

CVA Hawken .50cal

60gr APP, .015 patch .490 round ball @ 50 yards, Using the Caldwell Tack Driver rest.
Just pay attention to the upper 3 shots and the lower 3 shots to the left,

Next i fired 12 shots of 70GR APP, .015 patch and .490 round ball, Also shot 3 295gr powerbelts into that hole, #1 shot with the powerbelts was high as you'll see. Total of 14 shots into that without swabbing or cooling down.

6 more shots but with 80gr APP, this load started shredding the patches,

Good day to play with the APP in the hawken, Must modify a new nipple for it but other than that, its a good shooter.

Beautiful clean up as well! I just used 8 pumps of the Birchwood Casey No.77 Muzzle Foam, let it sit 30 minutes and one patch ( Both sides) 3 dry and i was done cleaning.
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