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More Fx dreamline testing

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Stopped by my friend Bill's place this afternoon and shot some groups with a new slug I just got, H&N 13.0 gr. They did not well at all out of my gun or the Diana I sold Bill.
I did get a couple of decent groups at 50yds with the JSB 13.43gr slugs, I put some coins and a AAA battery next to the group for scale. I've never owned a air rifle as much fun to shoot as this one.
I hear and see people often that claim 1 moa with slugs, I'm skeptical as usual. After shooting all the groups at 50yds I put a target out at 78yds where strelok pro says the third dot down in my reticle is right on. Pretty obvious from looking at the target on the right this gun won't shoot close to 1moa...yet. That's the target with my Leatherman laying on it to keep the wind from blowing it away.

There was some left to right wind

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Heck with the groups Kevin, you'll get there. I love your 'digs' (or friend Bill's?), that setup on the deck and backyard.
That's Bill's place, spectacular log home near Elizabeth in what's referred to as the Palmer divide, a high ridge that's heavily wooded with ponderosa pine. The water flows to the Arkansas river on one side and to the Platte on the other. There's your Colorado geography lesson for the day!
When standing on Bill's deck if you didn't know better you would believe your in Summit county near Aspen or Vail.
I have 10 acres farther out that is on that "someday" list I'll build my retirement home on.
I like hanging out and shooting with Bill because his intellect is on par with SF's very own brainiac Nick.
As to that that deck, tomorrow I may take my portable bench out there and set it up for two reasons, the height puts the pellet/slug path up around 15' as it passes over that little low spot out about 20yds away where there's always more wind. Secondly as all wood decks that high they move when walked on or I suspect when taking the shot.
I'm hoping the group sizes will shrink when shooting from a lower position on a stable bench.
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I went back and looked at groups I was initially shooting at 50yds today, wow, significant improvements have been made over the last 2yrs. I can't point to any one single thing that's made a huge difference by itself but I'll guess and list in descending order what I believe did.
Converting the gun to a bottle gun, shots out in the middle from about 10 after filling to about 50 shots seem to be more accurate. Originally I was only getting 26 shots from the oem cylinder.
Increasing the velocity with the heavy slugs and pellets to 992fps, long projectiles like speed in slow twist barrels.
Replacing the O-rings on the barrel with the carbon fiber liner between it and the outside shroud.
Better scope, the new Hawke I put on it isn't just more magnification it's a much clearer scope, better optics.
I shot a 28lb raccoon night before last under a customers deck, another raccoon rodeo, as a result I made some changes to the onboard lighting and sighting I'll report on in the coming days.
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