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Mosin Nagant Sniper

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So, a local gunshop here has a Mosin Nagant 91/30? sniper rifle. It has the scope, mounts, tools, everything but the ammo. All the numbers match and the metal is in great shape, wood has a few dings, but other than that and being coated in cosmoline it is very good condition. They are asking about $400 for it. Is it worth it?
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I may be very wrong here, but I have to say that the majority of the "snipers" you see at that price are not genuine snipers but regular 91/30s that have had the bolt bent and scope mount/scope added. $400 is about the going price for them, and genuine, original, for-sure snipers go for twice that and on up. The problem is documenting a real one. These rifles have been so rebuilt, renumbered, refinished, parts-swapped, modified, etc., etc. through the decades that a genuine sniper is very rare. That said, though, the "fake" snipers can be very nice shooters -- they're just rarely what they claim to be.
I don't want to imply that a fake sniper is necessarily a bad deal -- just that it is not a collectible. If you buy a plain 91/30, then buy the correct mount and scope, go through the motions of bending the bolt and drilling/tapping to mount the scope, well, you'll have something close to that $400 in it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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