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Spence -
Hearing stories like these is the reason I'm fond of old 22 rifles...not the expensive ones, but the ones everybody carried with them to the woods and in the field...the working guns. If they could only talk, what stories these old rifles could tell....I feel the same about old pocketknives...I like the worn, used ones that have been around for years and have seen everyday life.

My dad had a bolt action Mossberg made in the 50's....model 140-K. Dad didn't buy it new, but it was the first rifle I ever shot, and it was the only one he had for years...he traded it for a 77/22 ruger when they first came out...Why I let him trade it, I'll never had a cheek piece on the stock, too...and like yours, a great looking gun. I hope to own one someday.

Thanks for telling your stories. I love hearing them.

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