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Mould quality

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Hello All,

It's the newbie again, with a couple more questions. Is there really much difference in quality between say a Lyman or RCBS mould and one made by Veral Smith? Enough to warrant the $60-$70 difference? Thanks in advance!!
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If you can afford it (at least $125.00 for a DC Al mould), call Veral, but watch your back because I feel he may try to make up for lost revenue. I didn't care for Dan's work. In fact I don't trust any custom mould maker today. I'd rather find an RCBS or SAECO design that satisfies my needs or move on to a different caliber. In fact, I wanted a heavy weight .44 mould for a .444 and since Veral was out of business from '99 to '03 and the manufacturers who guarantee their moulds don't offer such a design, I decided to leave that project behind. If Walt Melander was still cutting moulds I'd order from him without considering anyone else. When SAECO, RCBS, Lyman or even Lee begins to offer a 350 grain mould for the .444 I'll buy it in a heart beat.

BTW, Lyman does or did make a heavy weight .44 in the recent past but it's nose design was too blunt to provide a reasonable COL in a .444 rifle or even a .44 wheelgun, IMHO. I believe the mould number was 429649 (definitely not 429650!) and dropped a bullet in excess of 340 grains in WW metal.

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Hi, Gents:
Lyman 429649, Truncated Cone Gas Check, listed weight is 325 gr. Listed in the 1998 catalogue, not in the 2001 catalogue.

I have molds from almost every maker including antique reproductions

The only Lyman I can recall having in my stockpile is an iron .662 round ball mold.. I had it Armoloyed at Armoloy of Texas. It's bullt proof (heh heh) and the RB's shoot 6 to 10 inch groups at 100 yards in my Spas 12 autoloader, iron sights.. it sounds like a super magnum pistol. The load uses a shotcup as a sabot, and it's way supersonic ;)

The NEI mold I received last year has yet to be used but it looks to be very high quality aircraft aluminum, has Lyman handles, it's a 2 cavity .510 RB for my Murdoch pistols which have yet to be shot since I don't even have the time to cast or shoot right now. NEI will make you any custom bullet design mold...

Lee are cheap and you can throw them away or part them out when they give up. I have cast many many 1,000's of bullets on Lee molds
jpsw44 said:

If your still sending them out, I'd really appreciate one.

[email protected]

I've had a Hoch nosepour mold for 10 years and am well pleased with it. I've not owned a Saeco or NEI, but use both Lyman and RCBS and even a couple of Lee's.
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