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Mounting strain gauge on Contender pistol

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Question (a repeat from my intro in General):

How do you mount a chamber pressure strain gauge over the center of the chamber of a Contender? To try to stay away from the barrel cross section changes of the barrel locking lug, on top of the barrel seems to be the ideal. BUT, over the chamber, on top, is where the sights or sight base for a scope is mounted.

I want to test pressures in .357 Herrett (iron sights), .223 Rem (scope mount), .44 Rem Mag (ribbed barrel with the shot spreader removed) barrels (more IF I can afford them). It is a GEN 1 frame.

Open to ideas/suggestions/blueprints!!!!

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I put one on an Encore barrel I had made custom in .45 Auto for testing pressure. It is on top. It actually works well, giving me readings of just over 19,000 psi on military ball ammo rated at about that. It's back edge is just barely a quarter inch forward of the breech end of the barrel; maybe 0.3". I'll have to dig it out and look.

I don't think being over the exact middle of the case is necessary. I would take a case that has been fired and resized a few times and use a caliper to identify where the pressure ring is forming and would be sure the back edge is at least that far forward to be sure the chamber steel under it is exposed to maximum pressure.
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