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A bit off-topic but please forgive me. I wanted to tell you all about the new film "Enemy at the Gates." It is an account of the Battle for Stalingrad and specifically the well-known "sniper duel" bwteen the Germans and Russians. As a student of sharpshooter history I was pleasantly surprised at how the film was done. Certainly there are some historical errors, but none that do a disservice to the parties involved. The firearms are excellent. Scoped sniper rifles are as they should have looked in 1942, as are other small arms. The feel of the movie itself really gives a good impression of Stalingrad, the battle for which the Germans called "Das Ratenkreig," The Rat's War.

Except for a very brief but useless sex scene, the film does not dispense any needless nudity, cursing or even wanton gore. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all.
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