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Moving from PA to NY - need advice on handguns

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Hope I'm posting this in the correct Forum discussion area.

My wife and I live in Pennsylvania. Between us we own eight handguns (revolvers and pistols).

We have licenses to carry here in PA. We are thinking of moving to New York State (Buffalo) and are very interested in finding out what the procedure is so that we can have our guns registered and ourselves licensed to carry in NYS so that we can continue to enjoy our guns.

Can anybody clue me in as to what I need to know, and is it even do-able?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.
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Real America?

After reading all this, I thank GOD that I live in the REAL America!
Where would that be? I live in rural Nevada. Reno is thirty miles to the West. We're pretty real here. The crazy laws in the East of this nation are not meant to control criminals because they will not be controlled. Gun laws are designed to control those who do not commit crimes with guns. I do not know why gun laws are not written with such verbiage as "It shall be illegal and a crime punishable by such methods as..." XYZ "for any person to possess a weapon for the express purposes of committing a crime with such weapon." You see, what this does is hold the innocent guiltless until he takes the decision to become a criminal. The laws they pass now make you a crook just for owning a gun. The laws pre-suppose you will commit a crime just because you own or want to own a gun. We call this fallacy liberalism...
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