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Muzzle break size for .820 barrel

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gentlemen (or ladies) I am going to put a muzzle brake on my Remington VLS in stainless. I want to use the Shrewd Varmint brake and it comes in three different thread sizes, 1/2-28, 9/16-24, and 5/8-24. I would like to keep the mounted brake as close to the contour of barrel as possible. Which size should I order? Thanks.
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I have no idea what the correct answer is, but I would think you'd want the largest of the three. Why turn your barrel down more than required? And as long as we're turning steel, turn the brake to .820 as well.
That is what I am thinking as well. The OD of the brake is 1" so there should be no issue with turning it to match the barrel contour. Thanks.
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