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Muzzle velocity estimate without Chronograph

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I don't have access to a chronograph at this time and I don't want to spend the money. And I just need a rough rule of thumb or experience with this matter.

So what should I expect the muzzle velocity difference to be when using a
Rock River AR15 with a 16 inch barrel 1 in 9” rate twist instead of a
Remington 700 26”, 1 in 12” twist (Hornady Data used from their reloading book)?
My guess is a loss of 150 fps.

I reloaded the 223 Rem using Hornady Data:
55 gr #2266 SP w/c
B.C. 0.235 C.O.L.: 2.200”
Varget 25.5 gr
Velocity per book 3100 FPS
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Don't overlook the very real possibility that the 1/4-minute clicks on the scope aren't really 1/4 minute. One of my Nikon's clicks is reasonably close to 1/4-minute, but the other one's isn't anywhere in the same county as 1/4-minute.
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